Chicama Peru on an Alaia

Wow!  Watch as Felipe Alves rides one wave for about 90 seconds on an alaia.  I guess, sometimes one wave is enough....

You get a GoPro angle and a pulled back angle. 


Tow in Alaia Surf Video

Check out this video of some guys towing an alaia into Hossegor. Seems fun, but maybe a waste of gasoline?

Check out the attempted drop wallet at about 2:26!!!!


I've posted this video of Rob Machado before, but re-discovered it on YouTube, so you don't have to sit through a 30 second ad to start watching it.  If you have seen it already, sorry; if not, enjoy.


How To Build An Alaia

If you want to build your own alaia, it is not very difficult.  It just takes some time.

Here is a link to a post with pictures showing you how to build your own wooden surfboard.



Leah Dawson "Slow Down"‬

Leah Dawson rides an alaia, plays a guitar, and invites us to slow down. (Oh, and maybe hopes we'll buy a Go Pro.)

Alaia Wine

I was looking around for pictures of alaias, and I came across a Spanish wine called "Alaia."  I have never had it, so don't know what it tastes like, but it's fairly inexpensive, so I imagine it is one of those earthy red table wines for which the Iberian peninsula is famous

Anyhow, check out the label below.  Obviously a slider doing the la-la.  And, if you drink enough of this stuff, I am sure you can la-la without a board.



Alaia Surfing at Malibu

OMG! Is Malibu the ultimate "party wave" or what? Not that minimum 3 guys per wave is my idea of a party...


Alaia vs. SUP

I don't condone violence, but do hate it when SUP people take over a peak. Here is a pretty damn good alaia surfer taking matters into his own hands to help a bro who got snaked by a SUP at Rincon.

Rincon Ain't No Place For SUKs. from Michael Kew on Vimeo.