Peanut Alaia in Small Waves

Nice video of two guys having fun on a small day on an alaia. Look at how much speed they can generate with almost no effort. A lot different than riding a typical shortboard!


Alaia River Surfing

Here is a really well made video showing some German guys shaping a short alaia and then surfing it on a river wave. It would be pretty awesome to live near a river wave. Of course, here in the USA, if the river was in a populated area, it would probably be illegal to surf it.

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Alaia Humor

Pick your favorite punchline and wow all of your friends!  Buddha's laughing, so it must be funny.

Q: When is an alaia not an alaia?
A: When it's a liar.

Q: When is an alaia not an alaia?
A: When it's a lyre.

Q: When is an alaia not an alaia?
A: When it's a lion.


Machado alaia video resurrected!

That video of Machado that I posted on January 27, 2011, and that was converted into a private video is back. This time it is available freely on DailyMotion rather than Vimeo. Who knows why these things happen? Anyway, enjoy the show!

Alaia Rob Machado by Riders-Match


Dave Rastovich Barreled on an alaia

Pretty incredible wave on an alaia.  Very inspiring.  Might make me ride mine in more gnarly surf than I usually do. Any time it gets over about 2 or 3 foot, I reach for my 6'1" thruster.


Private video?!?!

I just noticed that the video that I embedded in my prior post of Rob Machado riding a peanut alaia has been converted to a private video. It seems strange that someone would post a video for all the world to see, and then after several weeks (months?) take it away from everyone.

Maybe it is going to be included in a for profit DVD...?

Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry all.


Rob Machado

Here is a great video of Rob Machado surfing a "peanut" alaia: