Unconventional Alaia

Aren't all alaias unconventional from the perspective of the modern thruster-loving ripper? Well, check this thing out . . .

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Catherine Clark with Alaia

Hat  tip to The Cornbread.


F*ckyeah Meme on

I have recently become acquainted with the fu*kyeah______ meme over at I don't know how this started, but there are some good sites related to surfing. Here are a few links:




And some non-fu*ckyeah that is pretty good:




Rasta Surfing an Alaia at Noosa Heads

Hat tip to Wooden Surfboards for finding this video:

Who would have thought Rasta would be the alaia god when he was being filmed for Momentum? Life is strange; and its turns, stranger.


Foam Core Alaias?

I found a post on another blog about one shaper who is making alaia boards out of thin pieces of wood and foam.  This "sandwich" construction is described on the blog as follows:  "The Alaia-Lite has a foam core, wood sandwich construction, made of locally harvested and reclaimed wood from Hawaii."  Bravo for the use of reclaimed wood, but this seems to defeat the entire purpose of the alaia movement, which is to return surfing to its historical roots and to be able to make a board from a single, sustainable material.

The maker of these alaias says that the use of foam enables the boards to float better and permits people to more easily catch waves, since an all-wood alaia does not float very well.  This, I can see, is a benefit of the use of a foam core.

Nevertheless, for now, I'm sticking with wood.