Peanut Test

45 minutes 6,6 Alaia Peanut test by Ion Eizaguirre. Presented by from Ion on Vimeo.


Chris del Moro Interview at Liquid Salt

Take a few minutes to read the interview with Chris del Moro over at Liquid Salt .  It is worth your time.  The pic below is from the interview.


Tom's Creation Plantation Wins

The Cyrus Sutton-directed short film, Tom's Creation Plantation, has won best short film at the Yallingup Surfilm Festival.  Congratulations.  Here is an excerpt from the story on

Best Short Film was won by Tom’s Creation Plantation, directed by Cyrus Sutton. This fascinating documentary tells the story of surfboard builder Tom Wegener and his revival of the ancient Hawaiian surfcraft, the Alaia. These traditional timber boards have found favour with a new generation of surfers, discovering  their incredible powers of speed and glide.

“It’s a big surprise to win an award like this for a film that literally cost $600 to make. It’s really a testament to Tom’s charisma and creativity," Cyrus Sutton said, from his home in California. Wegener builds his boards in a totally sustainable, environmentally friendly way, out of locally grown Palownia timber, grown on his property near Noosa Heads. Timber shavings from the hand-crafting of his boards are returned to the garden as mulch and compost.

Wegener’s revival of the alaia has sparked a world-wide movement, inspiring surfers from around Australia, California, Hawaii and beyond to re-discover this time-forgotten surf craft.
 Check out the trailer below:

Tom's Creation Plantation Trailer from on Vimeo.