Alaias and the fairer sex

I have not seen in person any women riding alaias.  Is the alaia trend a boy thing?  I don't see why it would be.  I know Kassia Meador rides one (see the picture above that I grabbed from her blog).  In one of KM's blog posts, she mentions a French ROXY slider named PANDORA, so I assume PANDORA is a woman.

There is also a video that has a part in it where Carissa Moore tries an alaia:

But, aside from these pros, I have note seen any women riding these things where I live in San Diego. Am I not looking hard enough? Are any women riding these things?  Are any women out there shaping their own alaias?


Anonymous said...

We are selling our Alaia boards and blanks to girls for sure. Even Girl in the Curl (A girl's shop in Dana Point) is selling them. Keala Kennelly is riding one in Waikiki right now. I think it is too cold here in SD for these boards. They sit you deep in the water.. burrr. Come spring & summer they will be everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

Look out for loose planks this summer! No leg ropes on these things.

alexis said...

hey my sister rides one. and she is even less pro than me

Matt said...

Clearly, basing my analysis on what I have been observing in San Diego during the winter was flawed.