Fantastic Alaia Shaping Instructions

I just came across the best site I have ever seen that explains how to shape an alaia. I wish I had put this together.

See for yourself; CLICK HERE.


A gente brasileira tambem usa alaias

My Portuguese is a bit rusty, but I hope the headline conveys that the Brazilians are also getting into alaias. I came across a story on a Brazilian website that talks about the eco-friendliness of alaias and has some great pictures too.

Check it out.


Alaias in the New York Times!

Holy crap. When an east coast establishment newspaper runs a detailed story about alaias (with props to Cyrus Sutton with a pic of him in my home town of Encinitas), you know the trend is in full effect.  CLICK HERE for the story.


Little Black Wheels Trailer

All at once . . . ahhhh.

Surf movie trailers are the best pornography ever invented.