Boiled Linseed Oil

I put the first coat of linseed oil on my alaia. What a mess.  

I have never worked with linseed oil before, and was surprised at how runny it was.  I tried to spread it around with a rag, but that didn't work very well.  I ended up using a stiff piece of cardboard to spread it around.  Drips fell off the board onto my drop cloth.

Linseed oil has a propensity to spontaneously combust.  It says so on the can.  I also talked to my father-in-law, who has worked with wood for the past 40 years, and he reminded me that linseed oil spontaneously combusts.  He told me several stories of witnessing such fires.  So, with that fear in the back of my mind, I made sure to apply the linseed oil in a well-ventilated location and was sure to thoroughly dry the rags and the cardboard before tossing them in the trash can.  (Maybe paying $600 for a Wegener alaia at the Patagonia surf shop in Cardiff, CA, is not such a bad idea?!)

The application process is such a mess that I think I will try a marathon 3-4 coat application during a single day.  The oil seems to soak in and nearly dry within 1 hour, so if start at 7am and turn the board every hour, I should be able to complete the entire sealing process within one day.


Anyone who has done this before and can give some advice (including telling me that my marathon session will or won't work), please post a comment.


kahi said...

I'm about to give it a go. I am mixing mine with turpentine 50/50. Not sure how its going to go. Crossing my fingers.
Here's a quick vid of the pine alaia in jbay. I broke it today and am now rushing to get the paulownia one completed.

Roscoe said...