My Cut Alaia

Okay, here is a picture of the basic outline of my alaia. It is about 6'7" and about 17" wide at the widest point. This is totally free-handed design based on posts I've read elsewhere and based on guessing at dimensions from pictures I have seen. Completely unscientific, but fun.

This picture is post-band saw, post-jig saw, and post-rough sanding. The belt sanding and hand sanding have yet to occur. I will be carving the required channel down the middle of the underbelly of the beast soon. This, from what I am told, will give me "control" over the board while trimming across the face of a wave.

I hope to have this thing finished and coated with Linseed oil in time for spring-suit weather here in SD (ie, by the early part of June). Updates to follow.

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Rotorhead said...

Looks really nice. Let us know how it surfs.

I'm at the ride - refine stage in my boards, trying to figure out the rail contours that work for me.