(More) Alaia Surfing Videos

[By the way, Mikey De Temple is coming out with a killer new surf movie called Picturesque.]

Transworld Surf apparently does not let people embed their videos (which is lame), but this one is worth watching. CLICK HERE for the link. [PS -- the hippie psychadelic soundtrack on the TWS video is classic.]


Mick said...

I'd draw the line at 'hippy psychedelic' since the soundtrack is mainly Paganini and Bach, but thanks for the mention mate. Jack McCoys new film will have some wonderful stuff on alaia's too.

Matt said...

Mick, thanks for the visit. I have clarified the hippie psychadelic comment so readers can see that it refers to the Transworld surf video. Although I can't tell Paganini from Bach, I assure you that I can distinguish it from hippie physchadelia. ;)