Free Alaia Shaping Template

Well, Grant from sent me a free 6'8" alaia template. Thus, my request discussed in my prior post is answered. Thank you very much, Grant.

Unfortunately, in order to use the template, you need to download a free version of Shape3d software. To get the software, you have to register (i.e., give your name, address, and other info) with the software developer. I am sick of registering for this and that and that and this, so I decided not to do it.

I am planning on shaping my own alaia, and I guess I will just freehand most of it based on various dimensions that I have gathered from checking out various websites. Once I finish my alaia and I have tested it in the waves to be sure that it is actually surfable, I'll be sure to post exact dimensions for anyone else who wants to try to shape their own alaia.

Of course, if my alaia ends up being a piece of crap, then I will probably register for the free software and use the template.


minas said...

hello, is it possible to have this free template ? I am shaping in morrocco where we never sea any alaia
thank you
my mail is

stokes said...

Im a keen alia surfer. shaped my first one two months ago. love it.
could i please have a copy of the template, iwould be so stoked. coz im shaping my second alaia soon.
Keep on sliding.


Matt said...

Guys. I just checked the surfing green site and see that they don't have the template available any more. I searched my hard disk and found the template. Here is a link:
Click Here for the Alaia Template for use with Shape3d software