Advice on How to Shape an Alaia

I found a great link to a site showing you how to shape an alaia from start to finish. The site will even give you a free alaia template, though it is unclear if you need to buy a blank from them before you get the free template. I am sending them an email right now and will provide an update when I get a response.


grant said...

Hey Matt,
You dont need to buy a blank to get a free template. You can use any kind of wood but Paulownia is ideal as its light and strong. We have sent templates all over the world from South Africa to India to France to Morocco. Its great to see so many people interested in making their own eco surfboard. Best of luck, Grant

Javier said...


Could oil-rubbed balsa wood be OK?

I was thingking of making one too. Perhaps a 7'7... but I'm not sure weather balsa might soak up too much water.

Any help will be appreciated!

Javier said...

Or beach. Ain't that a bit too heavy?

Anonymous said...

I think Balsa would probably soak up water. Plus, if you carved it really thin, I think it would break right away (I am thinking about how easy it is to break those balsa toy airplanes one can buy).

As for beech wood, I have no idea.

I have noticed that people who shape with pine normally break the boards at some point. This is probably because pine absorbs water too and is not particularly strong when shaped thin.

Although the oil-rubbing is for its enviro-quotient, I can't think of what would stop you from sealing your board with polyurethane if water-intrusion was a huge concern.

Not sure if that was much help.

Javier said...

I was just a bit reluctant to go to all that bother of gooing everything up with polyurethane. I've never worked with it myself.