Alaia = trendy

The synchronicity just doesn't stop. I saw this story today about the 33rd Annual Buffalo's Big Board Surfing Classic in Hawaii. Here is an excerpt:

But the most talked about division was the alaia board division, which was added this year.

Alaia boards are the earliest form of surfboards. Basically, they are thin planks of wood with no fins.

"The alaia board doesn't float like a regular surfboard and you don't have the fins to help you turn and stuff," Brian Keaulana said. "You have to be in the right spot every time to ride the wave. I think everybody who tried it got to appreciate their culture and the ocean a little more."

Hoptong Smith of Makaha won the alaia board division after practicing on it a few times this month.

"It's hard to control — it's way different from a surfboard," Smith said. "That's what makes it fun. It's challenging.

Brian Keaulana said he was surprised at how many children were interested in riding the alaia boards.

"They were asking all kinds of questions, which is good because they're learning about the history of it," he said. "Some of them said they did research on the Internet ... when you hear stuff like that, it's all worth it."

When the kids are interested in the technology, you know it is here to stay (at least until the next big thing comes along).

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