Machado--Alaia Sighting

So, if you have been following along, you read my earlier post about how I am obsessed with alaias.

Today, I decided that I would eat lunch at Seaside. So, I left my office in Solana Beach with my sack lunch and drove 5 minutes to Seaside. When I arrived, I saw Rob Machado and another surfer who I could not identify (a regular-foot) surfing alaias. There was a photographer and a videographer in the water filming them. [I am sure the videos and pics will be on Surfline, in a magazine, or in a movie in short order.] I, of course, had left my cell phone (my only digital camera) at my office.

Anyhow, I enjoyed eating my sandwich, yogurt, and tangerine while watching Machado & Co. sliding across the 2-3 foot mush. Comparing the speed of the alaias with the shortboards in the lineup, it is clear that on a weak, mushy day, an alaia is the best. Better than a longboard, I would wager, except for catching the wave. After that, the alaia dominates.

The other thing I noticed was that when you did a nose-dive (which was the wipeout of choice for these guys), the board stops and pops up. I never once saw Machado or the other guy (was it Chris Del Moro?) have to swim to the shore to get their boards. This is nice to know for someone who has become a lazy swimmer due to using a leash.

Did I mention I want an alaia? (Rob, if you read this, hook me up, please. It will make a nice feel good story for this blog.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want an alaia you can fairly easily make one. I made a couple using Fence planks (redwood and Cedar).
check it out here


Matt said...

Thanks for the link. I also found a guide to building an alais that I talked about here: I am sure that I will build on at some point. I'll share the results on this blod.

josh klein said...

I shape all kinds of wood boards but my specialty is alaias. I do mostly custom work.